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Lost in Translation - Internal to External IAM

Presented by: GlobalSign

Why New Thinking and an External Identity and Access Management (IAM) Strategy Is Important to Your Customer Relationships

The success of your business depends upon building strong relationships with your customers. When you provide great user experiences and convenient ways of accessing your online services, your customers want to do business with you. It’s time to start thinking beyond features such as Single-Sign-On, federation, social login, and authorization methods and focus on an external identity and access management (IAM) strategy that can play a bigger role in driving new business opportunities.

While internal IAM solutions are IT-centric, rigid and siloed, external IAM solutions need to be flexible, agile and dynamic to support the multi-departmental operations of your business. Unlike your employees, your customers’ identities move with them and you need to empower them to manage their own identities. Equally important, you need to understand the relationships you have with your customers to allow easy access to your services and create a positive user experience.

white-checkmark-icon.pngOn this Webinar, you'll learn how an external IAM solution can:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and cut operating costs through self-service processes
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers and provide more intelligence to drive new revenue opportunities
  • Leverage your CRM system to offer your customers access to all the services they need based upon their business roles and service contracts
  • Meet all of your core functionality needs for web Single Sign-On, federation, social login, step-up authentication and more
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