IoT Secure Device Identity for Healthcare

Achieving secure device identity, from endpoint to cloud.

Medical hacks are on the rise, as healthcare organizations look to speed up their digital transformation, bring new devices online, and offer new services such as remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. The attack surface will continue to grow as the number of people needing care increases. Unfortunately, this compounding of events is leading to critical security vulnerabilities across the industry. Many healthcare providers are overlooking important security and data encryption protocols that are necessary to protect their patients’ most sensitive information.

In this webcast, we’ll explain how manufacturers and government regulations are working to help consumers by building security into Internet of Things (IoT) devices before they are ever released to the public. In addition, we’ll cover Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and why it’s the credentialing platform of choice for IoT medical devices.

Watch and learn:

  • Why the healthcare industry is a prime target for hackers and cybercriminals
  • The various types of medical attacks and security vulnerabilities facing healthcare organizations
  • Some of the major government and non-government standards and regulations designed to protect medical and other IoT devices
  • How device manufacturers are fighting back
  • What’s next in healthcare device security


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