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GlobalSign Identity and Access Management

Customer-Centric Identity and Access Management for Insurance

Traditionally, as an insurance provider, you have relied on strong relationships with your customers to grow your business. The digital business evolution is now shifting how customers conduct business with you. Relationships are becoming less personal as your customers are interacting more and more with self-service portals across the lifecycle of the insurance transaction process. User experience is now the most important factor to acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones and growing revenue.

How GlobalSign’s Customer-Centric IAM Solution Can Make a Difference…

Deliver a Positive User Experience to Your Customers
You must provide a simple registration process and convenient access to your online services. In a market that is now more price competitive than ever, your user experience is essential to differentiate your business from your competition. With self-service workflows, single sign-on, social login, and role-based access, GlobalSign’s IAM solution will enable you to offer a positive user experience with convenient access.

Provide Secure Transactions and Mitigate Risks
You must keep your customers’ information safe and ensure transactions are secure. With 20+ additional authentication methods, GlobalSign’s IAM solution will enable you to offer your customers convenient with the highest level of security.

Better Know Your Customers
Customers, who choose to conduct business with you online, are virtually anonymous – making it difficult to build relationships with them. With self-service capabilities and integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, the GlobalSign IAM solution will allow your customers to manage their own identities – keeping their information up-to-date and providing you with more intelligence about your customers.

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