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Sid Desai

Director of Sales Engineering GlobalSign

Immediately Reduce IT Costs by 50% by Replacing your Microsoft CA

Let’s face it, running a Microsoft CA is time-consuming, expensive and takes IT focus away from your main business.

Register now to see how GlobalSign's Active Directory integration (Auto Enrollment Gateway or AEG), offers you an easier, low-cost alternative, acting as a proxy between an enterprise's Windows environment and GlobalSign's CA services.

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • How you can keep all the features and benefits of Active Directory and Windows Certificate Services, including automated provisioning, certificate templates, and Group Policy, without managing your own CA.
  • How to expand your deployment to endpoints outside your domain, with SCEP server functionality for issuing mobile device certificates, CISCO or other networking devices, and support for the ACME protocol for issuing to Linux-based servers.
  • How offloading CA management frees IT teams to focus on their core competencies
  • How GlobalSign AEG manages the security, high availability, and CA operations, ensuring you meet SLAs and compliance audits.
  • How to gain additional functionality, such as the ability to provision publicly-trusted certificates and certificates to non-domain-joined-objects.

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