Digital Signatures for City of Tallahassee City Projects

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Addressing Tallahassee's Digital Signature Requirements

The City of Tallahassee, Florida now accepts digital signatures in place in of wet ink paper based signatures, this includes sealed or notarized documents. Tallahassee ‘City Projects’ documents are now required to be signed, sealed, or notarized using digital signatures for submission.

In the world of electronic plans review it is crucial that a surveyor be able to prove their identity and the integrity for all of the documentation that they submit. This is done through the process of adding digital signatures and electronic seals to a document.

Whether you're signing Plans, Specification Manuals, Soils Reports, Energy Calculations, Summary sheets from Pre-Engineered Buildings, or Specialty Engineering and Shop Drawings we have the solution to fit your needs.

GlobalSign Digital Signatures Benefits
  • Provide support for customizable approval sigantures and images such as an engineer seal or your own physical signature
  • Inherently trusted by Adobe, recipients of digitally signed PDF will automatically see trusted digital signature
  • Includes long time signatures that don't expire even after the certificate expires
  • Compatible with a variety of document platforms including PDF, Word, LibreOffice,
    PDF-XChange, and BlueBeam
Are you ready to use your Digital Signature and Seal on City Projects?
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