PKI for The Internet of Things


Lancen LaChance

Vice President of Product Management

Leveraging proven technology to identify devices, encrypt communications, and ensure data integrity.

Is PKI the answer for securing the Internet of Things? As Gartner and other industry experts have pointed out, PKI has been used to authenticate and secure machines and devices for decades. Beyond identifying the devices, PKI offers both the encryption necessary for communicating sensitive and proprietary information, as well as the data integrity needed for the "big data" that comes from IoT to have any value.

Join us for a discussion on how PKI capabilities are currently being used to secure early stage IoT deployments, and the configuration and scalability concerns that need to be addressed in order to take on future, more complex environments.

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • PKI's role in securing IoT
  • Examples of existing PKI for IoT implementations
  • Evolving and scaling PKI to meet growing IoT needs
  • Review of existing standards and industry alliances

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