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Meet State Requirements with Digital Signatures from GlobalSign

GlobalSign has helped hundreds of engineering and design companies make the switch from paper to electronic workflows. Digital signatures are a perfect fit for the AEC industry and can reduce paper waste, decrease overhead costs, and shorten project timelines. We’ve partnered with Bluebeam Software Inc., the creators of the AEC industry’s leading PDF software, to make digital signatures accessible and easy to adopt. 

Whether you're signing Plans, Specification Manuals, Soils Reports, Energy Calculations, Summary sheets from Pre-Engineered Buildings, or Specialty Engineering and Shop Drawings we have the solution to fit your needs.

Digitally Sign Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, BlueBeam & more with one signing credential.
Microsoft Office
Libre Office
GlobalSign Document Signing Features & Benefits
  • Signatures can be customized to include images, such as a Professional Engineering seal or physical signature
  • RFC 3161 compliant timestamps are automatically included with signatures
  • Certifying signatures prove authorship, finalize contents, and protect the document from future changes or tampering
  • GlobalSign is part of Adobe Approve Trust List (AATL) and Microsoft Trust Store, so signatures are automatically validated and trusted in PDF and Office software
  • Signatures include Long-term Validation (LTV), meaning they won’t expire after the signing certificate does
  • Compatible with a variety of document types and platforms, including PDF, Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, PDF-XChange, and BlueBeam
  • Signing credentials are stored and protected on secure cryptographic hardware

"The implementation of GlobalSign's PDF Signing digital signatures has been deemed a huge success, Just the other day a partner signed a 150-page document that was immediately delivered to a client in minutes instead of days."

Michael Furgang, Application Services Manager, Clough Harbor & Associates LLP

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