Secure Key Management

GlobalSign partners with Microsoft Azure to streamline ordering SSL from Microsoft Key Vault

The Need for Secure Key Management

Secure key management is essential in to protecting data in the cloud. Microsoft Azure's Key Vault allows developers to manage certificates, cryptographic keys and secrets in a secure manner as opposed to having application and software have direct access to keys.

Instantly Issue GlobalSign SSL Directly from your Microsoft Azure Key Vault Account

GlobalSign has partnered with Microsoft Azure to help streamline the ordering of high assurance SSL Certificates directly from the Microsoft Key Vault to help cloud developers safeguard keys and other secrets.

The integration creates a streamlined process for certificate life-cycle management allowing users to instantly issue and auto-renew certificates directly from their Microsoft Azure Key Vault Account.

Benefits of using GlobalSign Certificates with Azure Key Vault

  • Robust Range of SSL Assurance Levels & Configuration Options:
    GlobalSign offers a range of high assurance SSL options with multi-domain (SAN) support, private hierarchies, internal or special use case certificates.
  • Instantly Create Encryption Keys within Minutes:
    domains are pre-vetted allowing customers to instantly issue certificates to their key value with a click of a button.
  • Superior Customer Support-
    with offices around the world and local language support, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer support reputation.

How to get Started

Ready to start importing cryptographic keys using Microsoft Azure's Key Vault? Setup is easy, simply fill out the form and a GlobalSign product specialist will contact you to setup a GlobalSign ManagedSSL account.

In just a few easy steps you can start issuing certificates immediately from your Key Vault account.

1.) Sign up for a GlobalSign ManagedSSL (MSSL) Account

Sign up for a GlobalSign ManagedSSL account (by filling out the form on this page) and a product specialist with provide you with a unique signup link for a GlobalSign Managed SSL Account for Azure Key Vault.

2.) Add Top Level Domains to your GlobalSign MSSL Profile

Add top level domains that your company owns and controls that you will be issuing certificates to. GlobalSign will pre-vet domains in your account. For example, if you enter "" you will be able to instantly issue certificates for, and any other variation without extra validation.

3.) Account Vetting & Setting Up Flexible Payment Options

GlobalSign's Vetting team will validate your corporate profile and domains. Once your account is validated, add funds to your account using either a credit card or purchase sale and then your account will be ready to start issuing SSL Certificates to your pre-vetted domains.

4.) Link your GlobalSign ManagedSSL Account to Key Vault Account

Review the GlobalSign Integration Guide for detailed easy to follow instructions on how to link your GlobalSign ManagedSSL account to your Microsoft Azure Key Vault Account

5.) Start Instantly Issuing Certificates to your Key Vault Account

Once your account is setup and configured you can start importing high assurance SSL Certificates to store your certificates and private keys.

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