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Deliver PKI and IAM services with the Enterprise Reseller Program

Responding to Customer Demand for Enhanced Enterprise Security

Today the need for enterprise identity services is skyrocketing, driven by demand for stronger authentication, regulatory compliance, a mobile workforce and the Internet of Things. Identity and security solutions are the perfect add-on to System Integrator, MSP and VAR portfolios to forge long-term relationships and gain loyal customers.

Scale and deliver robust solutions

Benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions, including:

  • Managed Security Services: SaaS platform to simplify the management of digital certificates, including SSL, email security, authentication and document signing.
  • Auto Enrollment Gateway: Integration with Active Directory for auto enrollment and silent installation of digital certificates.
  • Identity and Access Management: Self-service user registration, Single Sign On (SSO) and federated access solutions to enable secure business for the extended enterprise.

Is the program for you?

Depending on your business model, you can pick one of the three tracks we make available through the program: refer customers and get a finder’s fee, offer managed security services as part of your portfolio or integrate the solutions.

Let us help you

A major part of our program is focused around helping our partner maximize the partnership through lead generation programs, sales training, technical support and more! We have an extensive online knowledgebase and resources, as well as industry experts dedicated to helping you grow.

Next Steps

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