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GMO Sign - Document Signing Software

Secure and digitize your document workflow

GMO Sign is a cloud-based document workflow solution from GlobalSign that is cost effective and thoughtfully designed to facilitate simplified, end-to-end approval and signing workflows with signed document management. Now employees, partners, and customers of any organization can easily electronically and digitally sign documents through a single user-friendly and secure platform.

One platform, so many uses

Unlike many other document signing solutions on the market, GMO Sign offers both electronic and digital signatures in one interface, allowing you to customize signatures depending on internal and/or external use cases for the enterprise.

Users can easily add document details like renewal period, termination notice, and expiration date. Plus, the application contains eight custom fields that can be used to provide additional details related to the document so you can file away and search for documents as they’re needed.

GMO Sign offers:

  • Electronic signatures, AATL digital signatures, and eIDAS-compliant advanced electronic signatures in one user interface
  • Customizable signatures and workflows
  • Reusable document and signing workflow templates for future use
  • Easy interface for contract and document management
  • And so much more!

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