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Automatically Provision Digital Identities onto Mobile Devices

Learn how to control which devices access your corporate networks and resources

In many aspects, devices are no different than remote PCs when it comes to requiring strong authentication to securely authenticate users to enterprise networks and corporate resources. Device access can be managed via PKI-based digital certificates. Combining digital certificates with the use of a MDM platform to automatically provision them onto devices creates an easy to implement mobile security solution.

GlobalSign's partnership with AirWatch allows users to issue and manage digital certificates for mobile authentication directly from AirWatch's Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform. This integration allows a streamlined approach to securely manage BYOD and employee access to corporate networks through faster and easier provisioning of digital certificates on mobile devices.

lightbulb-icon.pngKey Benefits & Features:

  • Plug-in directly into AirWatch EMM platform allowing for easier provisioning and management of digital certificates
  • Automatically provisoin digital certificates onto devices without end user interaction
  • Digital certificates support device authentication for email, Wi-Fi networks, and VPN connections
  • Increase security by reducing reliance on password based authentication

Enable PKI for Mobile Authentication

Balance employees' desire to access email and corporate data on the go and the need to protect against unauthorized access to key business applications. Digital certificates support the following use cases via the AirWatch platform:

Email Authentication

Enable email authentication for 24 x 7 email access without leaving email accounts vulnerable to intruders. Only authorized devices will be able to access your corporate email servers.

VPN and Wi-Fi Authentication

Replace weak and vulnerable usernames and passwords with multi-factor authentication for corporate Wi-Fi and VPN connections. Only approved devices will be able to access your enterprise connections.

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