eIDAS Regulations & Solutions

In this educational webcast Andrea Servida, Head of the European Task Force "Legislation Team" at the European Commission, DG CONNECT, reviews key eIDAS regulations and the features, advantages and benefits they bring to citizens and businesses alike.

Also included are the best digital signing solutions to comply with the eIDAS regulations, as they relate to Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signatures and Seals.

Here's what you'll learn about:

  • The regulation in a nutshell
  • Boosting trust & supporting businesses
  • Key & general principles for trust services
  • Obligations of TSPs - QTS and QTSPs
  • Where eIDAS plays a role
  • Key principles for eID
  • Timeline of adoption
  • GlobalSign as a QTSP and their range of solutions to support Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signatures and Seals


Andrea Servida

DG Connect, European Comission Unit "eGovernment & Trust"

Ronald De Temmerman

Webcast Moderator GlobalSign

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