We all like to think we could spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But in Financial Services, everything is not always as it seems.

Fakes can sneak their way into the flock - your digital documents - hide in plain sight, and put both you and your customers at risk.

It’s time to eradicate the fakes, once and for all.

With a trusted, fully integrated Digital Signature Service, financial services providers like yourselves can ensure compliance, boost efficiency, drive authenticity and supercharge your customer experience weeding out any imposters so that your customers know they can rely on you as a trusted brand.

You just need to know where to start…

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Your guide to eIDAS

The need for secure, standardised and trusted digital signatures is greater than ever. And as digital services ramp up, the regulation for Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services is clamping down to ensure compliance.

In this eBook, we answer all your questions about eIDAS, so you can rest assured that your digital documents remain compliant and traceable, at every step.

Propelling digital transformation with DSS: A success story

For organisations in the Finance sector, security is the number one concern. That’s why ensuring digital documents are authentic, compliant and secure is critical to both your customer experience and your reputation.

See how Totaldocs - a multichannel cloud platform for Finance businesses - unlocked new levels of efficiency and made a stand for authenticity with GlobalSign’s trusted Digital Signing Service.

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Fact or fiction? The truth about DSS

As with any trail blazing technologies, myths and misconceptions are inevitable. It’s time to shine a light on the realities of Digital Signing Services.

From the differences between electronic and digital signatures to compliance with eIDAS and ensuring your signatures are legally binding Š check out our blog, where we dive into common misconceptions, and equip you with some valuable truths.

Let’s make a stand for authenticity in Finance

In a bespoke Finance Authenticity Workshop, we’ll arm you with everything you need to get started on your DSS journey – and eradicate the fakes, once and for all

That nagging feeling that there could be an imposter in your digital documents can be all-consuming. From the risk of non-compliance to the impact on your customer experience, to the dreaded waste of time, money and resource it takes to rectify the situation - it’s something no financial provider wants to experience.

But you’re not alone.

As a global identity authority, GlobalSign offers the security, convenience and trust needed to excel in an online world, through digital identities for everyone and everything.

In this free 60 min ,1:1 Finance Authenticity Workshop, you'll have the chance to sit down with one of our DSS experts and explore:
  • The current Finance landscape and the challenges that lie ahead
  • Key obstacles you and your team are facing regarding your digital documents - and how to overcome them
  • How a trusted digital signature solution can help you drive efficiency, ensure compliance and supercharge your customer experience
  • Your roadmap to digital signature success
Ready to kickstart your DSS journey?