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e-Service Maturity Model: External Identity Management and New Business Opportunities

Benefits of External Identity Management

As e-Services continue to evolve, they are now using digital identities as enablers. The first extranets were relying on very simple methods of verifying the user identity, whereas their modern counterparts can offer several methods for verification, including identity federation and utilizing identities from other sites or resources. Access decisions are not made based on simple yes/no authentication, but according to what the user is authorized to do by evaluating role or attribute type of information delivered to the application. In this white paper, GlobalSign discusses how you can use an Identity Relationship and Access Management solution to enable new business opportunities.

lightbulb-icon.pngIn this white paper you'll learn:

  • Where you are in the e-Service maturity model
  • What you can do today to integrate more robust external user identity management
  • About the advantages of authentication, single sign-on, federation, roles, identity attributes and more
  • Ways to improve your services and customer satisfaction
  • How an identity relationship and access management solution can enable new business opportunities
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