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External Identity and Access Management and Integration with Your CRM System

Business IAM: Identity and Access Management Integration with Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects have the notorious reputation of being complex, time-consuming and expensive. Fresh thinking and new approaches are now changing how IAM solutions are being deployed so that you can enable revenue generating services faster than ever. One of these advances is the ability to integrate your IAM solution with your CRM – leveraging your customer and partner data as a powerful component of your IAM strategy. To learn more about the technology and the business benefits, please download this white paper.

lightbulb-icon.pngIn this white paper you'll learn:

  • External user identity management solutions and integration with your CRM
  • Benefits you can achieve by integrating your IAM solution with the CRM system
  • How you can save costs, improve processes and increase your customer satisfaction
  • Recommendations for best practices and how to get started
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