GlobalSign at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2019

GlobalSign exhibited at the Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2019, where we sponsored the Security of Things Theatre. Mike Boyle and Sebastian Schulz also presented at the show, you can watch their presentation below.

GlobalSign Presents:

Understanding the Role of PKI and Crypto Agility for Identity and Authentication

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the most commonly used solution for both GDPR compliance and Cyber Security threat mitigation.  This presentation discusses the basics of where to start with PKI and the benefits of being crypto-agile for automating digital identity issuance. The ability to integrate, automate and manage a scalable PKI infrastructure seems daunting as today’s large enterprise networks and cloud service providers battle an ever-increasing cadre of threats.  These threats can be from phishing to ransomware and social engineering.  We will illustrate how to tackle these issues along with authentication to meet the security and compliance regulations in your industry.