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Digital Signatures for the Cloud: A B2C Case Study

Presented by:

  • evan.jpg
    Evan Wajda
    Sales Engineer
  • vera.png
    Geert Peeters
    Project Manager
  • vera.png
    Vera Iordanova
    Director of Marketing

The demand for digital signing is skyrocketing among both businesses and consumers, thanks to the exponential savings and accelerated document handling that it presents. Yet, limited understanding of privacy and security requirements and deployment options has hindered adoption for some.

If you are a solution architect, or a business strategist new to digital signatures, this webinar will give you an overview of the components needed to build an end-to-end digital signature solution in-house, including PDF document workflows and document signing certificates. You will also learn how one of our joint customers, Zetes, has created a ready-made cloud-based solution that B2C companies can adopt without the need to set up document workflows and manage signing credentials themselves.

lightbulb-icon.pngDuring the webinar you'll learn:

  • The benefits and challenges to adopting digital signatures
  • How digital signatures work
  • Deployment options and solution architectures (e.g., client-side, server-side, deferred)
  • How our customer Zetes has created a cloud-based platform, eaZySign, for B2C companies to use with consumers
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