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Certificate Lifecycle Management Just Got More Strategic

Traditional Certificate Lifecycle Management approaches are no longer enough

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and "work from anywhere" became the norm for so many around the globe, companies had to scramble to get up and running. Now, many organizations are facing the impact of these short-term decisions with many of them finding it difficult to turn over certificates because they don’t have the correct systems in place, or their policy decisions may start weakening their security. As Patrick Nohe, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at GlobalSign says, "Now is the time for organizations to really look at what they’re doing with regard to CLM and make some adjustments, so that they are in the best position, not just in the interim, but moving forward."

How GlobalSign can help

In this podcast, Patrick discusses the new, strategic approach security leaders need to take to improve their efficiency and their security posture, as well as generate cost savings. He says, "We work toward getting every organization to follow best practice, to automate where possible and to improve their security." The more a Service Provider or integrator can take off of their customers' plates, the greater the value they offer. Being able to differentiate your organization and help customers is a net positive for all, and for the overall internet security ecosystem.

In the podcast:

  • How digital transformation has affected CLM
  • Why traditional CLM approaches no longer suffice
  • How CLM can improve efficiency and security posture

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