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Webinar: 3rd June 2015, 3pm BST

Reducing PKI deployment time and costs

Automating PKI with Active Directory integration

Presented by:

  • OT.jpgOphelie Thenault
  • Govind Yadav Govind Yadav

Auto Enrollment Gateway as an alternative to on-premise CAs

The demand for digital certificates is booming, driven by stronger authentication requirements, compliance, a mobile workforce, the Internet of Things and more. As PKI requirements grow, enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to facilitate and automate the management of multiple certificates.

Building and maintaining an on-premise CA is time-consuming and costly. The Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) acts as a connector between GlobalSign’s SaaS certificate services and a corporate Active Directory environment, automating certificate registration and installation.

As a system integrator, you reduce implementation timelines, costs and increase customer satisfaction.

white-checkmark-icon.pngDuring the webinar you'll learn:

  • On-premise CA: Challenges and effort estimate
  • AEG overview
  • AEG use cases
  • Business benefits for system integrators
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