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Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG)

Automated Certificate Lifecycle Management Solution

Work smarter, not harder. No need to run a complex on premise infrastructure - AEG can handle all stages of lifecycle management.

At GlobalSign we have created our own CLM service, we call it Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG). AEG is perfect for mid to large size enterprises, utilizing a mix of platforms and devices looking for an automated certificate enrolment solution.

The tool acts as a direct gateway between GlobalSign and your Active Directory - effectively extending the reach to practically every endpoint on the corporate network. AEG makes it simple to enroll, provision and install digital certificates regardless of OS or platform.

  • Comprehensive managed PKI solution for mixed endpoint environments
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • Offers support for SCEP and ACME v2 protocols, and Apple OSX enrollment capabilities
  • Quick and seamless certificate registration and provisioning without sacrificing control

Request a demo to learn:

  • How you can replace your existing, resource-intensive implementations with GlobalSign AEG
  • How AEG helps you expand your deployment to endpoints outside of your domain and add public trust
  • How AEG's Apple OSX enrollment capabilities allows automated provisioning to all Apple machines and devices registered with Active Directory
  • How to liberate IT to focus on core competencies




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