IoT Device Security

Provision, secure and manage device identities with a PKI-based cloud IoT Identity Platform that's scalable, flexible and interoperable IoT security


Whitepaper: Securing the Industrial IoT Market

The industrial market is undergoing a transformation using new technologies. This has led to a booming growth of Industrial IoT technologies. Explore the security challenges facing the industrial market.

Every IoT Endpoint Needs a Device Identity

And every device identity needs Device Identity Lifecycle Management

GlobalSign’s next-generation IoT Identity Platform delivers everything you need for full device identity lifecycle management from design and manufacturing, through deployment, management and sunsetting.

  • Cloud-based service
  • High throughput Certificate Authority
  • Dedicated revocation services
  • Integration options to connect to your ecosystem and end devices

Provision and secure device identities with a purpose-built, PKI-based platform for exceptional security.

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IoT Security Starts with PKI

Public Key Infrastructure is the de facto credential for IoT and IIoT device identity

PKI delivers a trusted IoT experience backed by secure digital certificates issued from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Transport Layer Security or TLS is used to encrypt and secure communications to secure ecosystems. It’s the basis for our purpose-built IoT Identity Platform.

  • Scales up to handle high volume
  • Scales down to protect constrained devices
  • Easily integrates into device architectures
  • Accommodates a wide diversity of IoT and IIoT device types

Secure device enrollment with IoT Edge Enroll

Simplify, optimize and harden how you enroll, secure and manage PKI-based, IoTdevice identities with a full-featured IoT registration authority service that ensures secure, customizable device enrollment. It’s the key to provisioning unique, strong and secure device identities.

  • Simplify Registration Authority configuration
  • Optimize device enrollment
  • Harden device security and enrollment
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5G for IoT: Identifying Devices, Securing the Core and Protecting the Network

Delivering PKI and CA services to help:

  • IoT device manufacturers provision identities for 5G connections
  • Carriers and MNOs secure their 5G core network
  • Private Cellular Network Operators protect their dedicated networks



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Secure Device Identity for Connected Devices

With a unique strong device identity, things can authenticate when they come online, ensure secure communication between other devices, services and users, and prove their integrity. When implementing an IoT solution or manufacturing a connected device, identity and security should be built in from the start. Strong device identity supported by PKI can enable the fundamentals of IoT security:

  • Authentication

    When a device connects to the network, it must authenticate and establish trust between other devices, services and users. Once trust is established, devices, users and services can securely communicate and transact information.

  • Encryption

    Personal, sensitive and financial data must be kept private and secure – often times under regulatory compliance. A strong cryptographic encryption mechanism tied to a device identity ensures data is encrypted and authentic, and communications are secure.

  • Integrity

    The integrity of a device starts with proving it is what it says it is. With a unique strong device identity, PKI can ensure that the device and its software and firmware are legitimate.

Unprecedented scalability – Thousands of Certificates per second

The volume and throughput you need to futureproof your IoT expansion

Every industry is incorporating IoT – from industrial endpoints and production networks, to logistics gateways and smart cities initiatives. Everyone everywhere is connecting. The only way to meet the sweeping upsurge of secure connected devices is with an IoT Identity Platform that scales to meet individual and industry growth expectations.

Accelerate time to market with our IoT Developer Program and Portal

Designed to streamline device identity integrations

We put all our resources in one place to make it easier to find, evaluate, and implement device identity security so you go-to-market faster.

  • Use our RESTful APIs, SDKs, integration guides, data sheets, case studies to save time and valuable resources
  • Develop and test your PoC with free, live X.509 digital test certificates and easily scale into production level operations
  • Increase productivity with centralized access to tools, information, and expert PoC guidance
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IoT Technology Partnerships are the core of today’s interconnected business models

GlobalSign’s IoT Partner Program benefits both customers and key partners alike with strategic partnerships from chip to cloud.

  • Deliver broader solutions to our mutual customers, helping them succeed faster, with fewer technology gaps
  • Provide digital identities that secure IoT devices and communication
  • Customers experience faster and smoother integrations
  • Partners experience collaborative growth
  • Both enjoy a competitive advantage
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Built on Trust, Innovation and Leadership

  • Backed by the trustworthiness of a global CA leader
  • Innovative product development with our IoT Identity Platform solution, our IoT Edge Enroll and IoT CA Direct integration APIs
  • Active participation with organizations within the Industrial IoT (IIoT) on test beds, industry standards groups and consortia

Easy, quick, and secure X.509 Certificates for Device Authentication in Azure IoT Hub, DPS, and IoT Edge

Download our solution guide to quickly enable x.509 certificate-based device authentication and see how GlobalSign integrates with Azure IoT Hub, Device Provisioning Service and IoT Edge to provide a secure, scalable IoT cloud connection.

  • Eliminate integration obstacles
  • Shorten integration time
  • Reduce time-to-market for your IoT Device introduction
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Securing the Industrial IoT

If it connects to the Internet, we secure it.

Discuss your IoT Security Needs with our Experts!

Learn how you can secure, simplify and accelerate IoT device identity provisioning with a PKI-based cloud IoT Identity Platform, purpose-built for scalable, flexible and interoperable IoT security. Connect today.

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Learn how you can secure, simplify and accelerate IoT device identity provisioning with a PKI-based cloud IoT Identity Platform, purpose-built for scalable, flexible and interoperable IoT security. Connect today.

Fill in the form and a GlobalSign Product Specialist will contact you.