Inhouse PKI vs Managed PKI

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Inhouse or Managed Services? GlobalSign offers both, so you can decide.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology offers organizations the means to control large numbers of Digital Certificates for SSL, authentication, document signing, S/MIME and other usages of Digital Signatures.  When using a PKI solution, organizations may face a choice of deploying its own inhouse CA, or using a managed PKI solution.

Inhouse PKI

GlobalSign helps organizations deploy trusted in-house PKI deployments with our Trusted Root Solution. Trusted Root allows organizations the ability to chain up to GlobalSign’s root certificate that is inherently trusted by all browsers, operating systems, and devices; all SSL and Client Certificates issued from the Root Certificate gain automatic recognition.

GlobalSign’s Trusted Root is perfect for extending the capability of enterprise in-house PKI solutions and PKI deployments configured with enterprise CA software like Microsoft Certificate Services or EJBCA.

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Managed PKI

A managed PKI solution gives access to Digital Certificates without the need to buy, establish, operate and protect an inhouse CA, resulting in reduced project costs and a fast time to market.  GlobalSign’s managed PKI solutions provide enterprises with a highly functional, trustworthy, WebTrust audited cloud based environment to manage the lifecycle of their Digital Certificates, administrators and Certificate ‘profiles’.

GlobalSign’s managed PKI solution and APIs comprise of Managed SSL for cloud-based SSL Certificate lifecycle management, and Enterprise PKI for cloud-based management of Client Certificates for authentication applications, document signing for PDF and Microsoft Office Documents, and S/MIME email security.

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