GlobalSign CustomerID™

Self-Service Workflows and Tiered Delegated Administration

With GlobalSign CustomerID™, you can outsource the identity management of your online services and applications to your customers and partners using those services. It is no longer necessary for your organization to manage the identities in your partner or customer network, as your external users can do it themselves.

GlobalSign CustomerID has been built to minimize the cost of identity management through a design that includes many helpful self-service functions and integrations to 3rd party verified customer data.

These self-service customer relationship management methods can result in up to 500-fold savings compared to physical customer service when dealing with a user base that reaches hundreds, thousands or even millions in numbers


Key Features of GlobalSign CustomerID

  • Customers can perform self-registration and self-service

  • Outsource identity management for partners and customers

  • Configurable registration work-flows for customized processes

  • Centralized identity management and authorization for online services and applications

  • Customers can delegate organizations or other persons to access your online service and applications

Centralized Identity Management

The identity verification and enrichment processes provided by GlobalSign CustomerID ensure that different service channels have one consistent view of customer identity, entitlements (roles and attributes) and mandates given by 3rd party persons or organizations.

When Separation of Duties is required due to regulatory mandates or role changes, GlobalSign CustomerID provides configurable approval workflows, thus allowing various ways to separate authorization and approval.

All the actions performed within the system are logged systematically. This helps your organization meet its regulatory requirements and audit demands.

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