AS2 Method for Submitting to the FDA

Secure AS2 Server with SSL

The FDA now provides Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) as a method to securely submit large batches of electronic documents to the FDA ESG. AS2 Server transmissions are sent over the HTTPS (SSL/TLS protocol), making AS2 a very secure option for transferring files. To utilize the an AS2 server, an SSL Certificate is required to securely transfer the files over HTTPS.

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Issued within Minutes

DomainSSL is a domain validated SSL Certificate, offering you an economical and easy to implement option for securing your website or server. DomainSSL certificates are issued within minutes using various vetting options available including email or meta tag verification.


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Issued within 1-2 Business Days

OrganizationSSL is an organization validated SSL Certificate. OrganizationSSL certificates verify domain ownership plus the legitimacy of your business. Additional vetted company information is displayed to customers within the site seal and browser. If you are looking to secure an IP address over a server/domain name, choose an OrganizationSSL Certificate.


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