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6 November 2012

Draycir Chooses GlobalSign For Secure Electronic Invoicing Solution

Benefiting from SafeNet and GlobalSign’s combined PDF Signing technology, Draycir provides a secure way for customers to create, transfer and archive eVAT invoices.

Boston, MA - November 6 2012 - GlobalSign (, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialists in digital certificate security, today announced that it has been selected by Draycir (, a leading software development company, to provide secure electronic invoicing services using its PDF Document Signing solution, to Draycir’s wide array of customers in the UK and Europe. Based on the Adobe Certified Document Services (CDS) platform, GlobalSign’s PDF Signing Certificates allow for the secure creation, transfer and storage of VAT compliant electronic invoices.

With the growth of the Internet facilitating wider cross border possibilities for eBusiness, organisations competing in today’s market need to ensure they are fully aware of, and compliant with, the storage requirements for invoices that will be sent to customers outside of their home territory. In not providing an embedded mechanism for ensuring the integrity and authenticity of an invoice, the supplier leaves open the possibility for future claims by customers requiring auditable proof of invoice legitimacy, potentially affecting future profitability and brand perception.

On January 1 2013, Council Directive 2010/45/EU approved on July 13 2010, will become binding on all European countries harmonising the legal framework for VAT invoicing. All business entities across Europe, particularly SMEs that use electronic data interchange (EDI) and currently operate under mandatory rules around the use of qualified certificates, are set to gain significant practical benefits. Once the directive is implemented they will only have to deal with a single, simplified set of rules, making eInvoicing faster and easier to administer.

Some countries such as Germany approved modifications to their legal framework for eInvoicing well ahead of the 2013 deadline, while others such as the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands were already less rigid in regard to invoicing rules. As a direct consequence of the increased exposure to eInvoices circulating between businesses, the appetite for more efficient/greener eInvoicing is expected to increase in coming months. Draycir, GlobalSign and SafeNet have collaborated to lead the way with a truly “paperless” invoicing solution, providing all the technology building blocks required by an SME with suitable high volume cloud based solutions to accommodate sudden increases in business.

For the majority of SME users, GlobalSign’s PDF Signing Certificates are created and maintained on iKey 4000 USB SafeNet hardware cryptographic devices. Following a thorough verification of the eInvoicing applicant requesting a PDF Signing Certificate, Draycir, via GlobalSign, will issue a certificate to the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 token as required by the Adobe CDS Program. Draycir’s Spindle Professional platform then uses the PDF Signing Certificate together with GlobalSign’s Time Stamping service to lock the Authenticity and Integrity of the resultant PDF invoice, thereby meeting the two primary requirements of the directive.

"With the demand for eInvoicing expected to rise significantly in 2013, we wanted to be able to provide our current and future customer base with a trustworthy and proven solution", said Robert Ball Company Director for Draycir. "GlobalSign’s experience in the market, experienced staff and local support made GlobalSign the natural choice of CDS provider."

"For over a decade, SafeNet and GlobalSign have been in partnership to provide trust and compliance in our customer’s infrastructure. During this period we have seen an ever-increasing demand for secure crypto credentials as businesses such as Draycir have recognised the need to provide a secure PDF Signing solution for their global customer base", said Rob Ellis, SafeNet VP Sales North EMEA.

A USB-based portable PKI, iKey 4000 is a two-factor authentication token that provides security for verification, signing, and encryption. iKey 4000 requires both a physical token (the iKey itself) and the user’s PIN to complete the authentication process: with this device users can always have their unique digital identities with them. iKeys ensure that only authorised users can perform the cryptographic functions.

"GlobalSign already supports many large, well known, Pan European brands with high volume eInvoice signing services, however, by combining the portability of SafeNet’s iKeys and Draycir’s Spindle Professional platform, we are now able to open up the benefits of eInvoicing to a much wider audience of Individuals and SMEs too", said Steve Roylance, Business Development Director, GlobalSign.

Further information on Draycir and its range of software solutions can be found at:

Further information on GlobalSign’s PDF Signing services can be found at:

Further information on SafeNet’s data protection solutions can be found at:

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