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Webinar - How to Solve the Elusive Zero-Touch Cloud Onboarding and the Provisioning of Certificate Identities at Scale for IoT Devices

29 March 2021

A clear and present roadblock to deploying IoT at scale is secure onboarding and certificates-based identity lifecycle management for connected devices. An ideal solution is one that is secured end-to-end from edge to cloud and is seamless to deploy. Many companies have attempted variants of the so called zero-touch provisioning that might work well on pilot deployments but quickly encounter supply chain challenges with scale. The primary culprit is the attempt by a single domain expert to provide a solution that demands expertise from multiple domains.

This webinar outlines the multi-domain challenge with secure onboarding and certificates-based identity lifecycle management. Respective domain expertise is delivered by Infineon Technologies, GlobalSign, Eurotech and Microsoft in alliance to solve scalability challenges and create best practice security for any cloud, exemplified on Azure. Attendees will leave with a simple yet concise prescription on how to benefit from the solution.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Ease the complexity of embedding strong certificate identities in cloud connected device architectures
  • Deploy standardized solutions with certificate based device identities (learn about iDevID, lDevID from IEEE standard 802.1_AR, certificate standards EST from RC7030, X.509)
  • Use hardware anchored certificate identities to secure (I)IoT and Edge devices connecting to cloud service (learn about TCG standardized Trusted Platform Modules serving as anchors of trust to store certificates)
  • Adopt seamless to deploy, pre-integrated device solutions embracing multi-domain security requirements
  • Securely scale the (I)IoT and Edge device onboarding and the lifecycle management once cloud connected

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