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GlobalSign's Digital Certificates Are Officially Part of the Trusted Services List of INDECOPI Peru

GlobalSign's Digital Certificates Are Officially Part of the Trusted Services List of INDECOPI Peru

GlobalSign is proud to officially be part of the list of foreign certificate entities incorporated in the Trusted Services List (TLS) of INDECOPI (Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y de la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual de Perú), which has as a goal of promoting and protecting consumer's rights and all forms of intellectual property. INDECOPI is a leading organization in the digital security industry.

Here is what Laila Robak, Regional Vice President of GlobalSign has to say:

“We are very proud of this recognition, made possible due to our focus on the region with excellent services provided by our team. Our Sales Manager, Blanca Yanulis was essential in this process working very closely with local agents”.

What is the Trusted Services List?

The Trusted Services List (TSL) is INDECOPI's directory of approved Digital Certificate Providers (PSCs) for Peru. INDECOPI performs a rigorous verification process before adding a new member to its official list. This involves verifying international information such as the Web Trust seal and the public roots.

The TSL contains the names of the trusted Certificate Authorities, including both national and foreign entities. After an organization is added to this list, users have the peace of mind that the certificates will be accepted by government agencies, that they are compatible with their roots and that the certificate is subjected to the regulations by law on digital signatures and certificates, approved by the Supreme Decree 052-2008-PCM.

Using the Trusted Services List – Electronic Invoicing

Peru is a leader in the implementation of policies that protect electronic information and their policies on electronic invoicing demonstrate their commitment to this goal. For users who want to adopt electronic invoicing and are looking for a certificate provider, the TSL is an essential resource. It allows them to choose certificates that are accepted by the Peruvian government and have an international validity in case they are also doing international transactions with foreign companies.

As more organizations adopt electronic invoicing, these certificates are increasingly in demand. Not only are they required in accordance with established policy, but they offer additional benefits.  These include reducing administrative costs and making the operations processes more efficient by reducing the operations based on paper without compromising the security of the process, as well as ensuring data integrity and the identity of the persons signing the documents.

For our Peruvian readers, I recommend visiting INDECOPI´s website before making an investment in Digital Certificates to ensure you are using a certificate that is accepted by the Peruvian government and in accordance with digital signature regulations.  In this list you will find both domestic and foreign companies, one of them being GlobalSign. By using our certificates, you have the assurance that you are using compliant, trusted certificates issued by a leading Certificate Authority.

Our certificate management solutions significantly reduce the cost, time and effort associated with managing multiple certificates, freeing up your IT team to focus on other projects. Watch the video below to learn more.

If you are an organization who wants to secure yours and your clients' email, devices and websites with Digital Certificates visit our website today or contact us to find out more.

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