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Trends from WorldHostingDays – Are you capitalizing on the security wave?

Trends from WorldHostingDays – Are you capitalizing on the security wave?

At WorldHostingDays 2014, held from 1st April in Germany, security was on everyone’s agenda. With Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, attending live for a panel discussion, it is needless to say that data privacy was one of the most talked about topic during the course of the show.

GlobalSign ran its own survey to understand where the European Hosting community stands a year after the Snowden revelations, and how the overall security strategy landscape was affected. The majority of respondents were hosting companies (40%), as well as IT consultants (15%), cloud providers (9%), domain registrars, and web designers.  Our findings are summarized below:

Increase in security demand 


Regardless of their industry, a staggering 81% of respondents acknowledged having experienced an increase in demand for online security services in the last year. Almost half of respondents indicated stronger demand for SSL Certificates (45%) closely followed by email Security at 36%. A variety of other solutions were also brought in the spotlight, including document security, cloud back up, mobile security, firewalls, and DDOS protection:

A growing opportunity for IT providers

From the respondents that do not currently resell security solutions, 73% confirmed that they were considering adding such services to their portfolio, with varying timescales:


Priority set on customer education and internal network security

As end users become increasingly sensitive to the issues of data privacy, IT providers are equally committed to maintaining a secure online environment. Over half of the respondents revealed that they changed their security strategy over the last 12 months, starting with strengthening the security within their own network (29%). 


So is the industry responding to the latest changes in the security landscape and heading in the right direction? It is pretty clear that it is, the survey responses point to an encouraging increase in awareness of the requirements for online security.  IT providers are looking for SSL Certificates and other solutions to respond to demand, and are dedicating efforts to the protection of their own infrastructure, as well as customer education on security topics.

Staying ahead in a fast-changing environment is no easy task; GlobalSign is dedicated to working as a security partner, not a security vendor, and we are continuously developing tools and technologies to help IT providers make the right solutions available to end users to help ensure compliance. We’re also regularly posting educational info and security updates in our SSL Information Center, make sure to check it out!


Now it’s your turn. How have the changes in security impacted your business?



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