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Top 5 Cybersecurity Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2017

Top 5 Cybersecurity Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2017

As we all know, it’s difficult to stay up-to-date with security and threat news. To stay updated with industry news and get in-depth security reports and insights, you need to keep up to date with what the experts are saying.

But who are the experts? Here, I am going to share my list of Top 5 cybersecurity influencers so you can follow them and learn from them on Twitter. For each influencer I selected, I included their Twitter handle, an image and a short synopsis. 

1. Brian Krebs

Brian Krebs

Twitter Handle: @briankrebs

Brian Krebs is a well-known independent investigative journalist. He is always breaking stories in our industry; providing a calm, rational analysis of every cybersecurity incident he discovers. For more of his insights, we recommend you to read his book titled “Spam Nation”: a New York Times best seller.

2. Bill Brenner

Bill Brenner

Twitter Handle: @Billbrenner70

Bill Brenner is Senior Program Manager for Editorial, Information Security Group at The Akamai Technologies. Bill has contributed to numerous tech websites and publications and served as a member of the Board of Directors for NAISG (National Information Security Group). He engages his Twitter followers with thoughts on world news items and their implications on IT security. Occasionally he also Tweets about his personal blog - the OCD Diaries.

3. Daniel Miessler

 Daniel Miessler

Twitter Handle: @Danielmiessler

Daniel Miessler is an Information Security Practitioner and maintains his website actively which has over 2,500 essays, podcasts, articles, tutorials, posts and more. Every Sunday he shares a curated list of the most interesting stories in InfoSec, technology and humans called “Unsupervised Learnings”. He has over 10K subscribers to his Sunday edition.

4. Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky

Twitter Handle: @e_kaspersky

Eugene is the eponymous founder of one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity companies, Kaspersky Labs. He established Kaspersky Lab in 1997 and has written numerous articles on computer virology and speaks regularly at security seminars and conferences. Far-flung from his humble start as a software engineer, who sold anti-virus solutions to only a handful of buyers, Kaspersky Lab now operates in almost 200 countries; with 30+ regional and country offices worldwide. It is the world’s largest privately held vendor of software security products. He regularly Tweets interesting, educational links from the Kaspersky blog and other popular InfoSec outlets.

5. Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen

Twitter Handle: @Mikko

Mikko Hypponen is the Chief Research Officer (CRO) of F-Secure and a well-known inventor, columnist and TED speaker. He’s been with F-Secure since 1991. He has written his research to the New York Times, Scientific America and Wired and he frequently appears on international TV. He has lectured at Oxford University, Stanford and Cambridge and on top of all of this, he has delivered the most watched computer security talk on the internet.

Hypponen led efforts to defeat notorious security breaches and viruses and is a consultant to several governments on information security. He was selected among the 50 most important people by the PC World Magazine and was included in the FP Global 100 Thinkers list. He is also a member of the board of the Nordic Business Forum and a member of the advisory board of T2.

I thoroughly enjoy reading everything these influencers have to say. I recommend you follow and connect with each influencer, enjoy the banter they provide, the interactions they have and learn about the brands that they advocate.

We hope this list of cybersecurity influencers helps you stay current and if you have any questions, or would like to suggest someone we left off the list, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Also, don’t forget to follow these influential cybersecurity leaders on Twitter. You can find a Twitter List with all 5 here!

Note: This blog article was written by a guest contributor for the purpose of offering a wider variety of content for our readers. The opinions expressed in this guest author article are solely those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect those of GlobalSign


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