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Sistematica SpA: The Four-Year Journey of a GlobalSign Certified Regional Partner

Sistematica SpA: The Four-Year Journey of a GlobalSign Certified Regional Partner

With all the ransomware and phishing attacks taking place these days, the cybersecurity market continues to be hot. Subsequently, there are lots of opportunities for businesses who want to get a piece of the action. One of the most active markets within the larger cybersecurity space – encryption – would be a solid bet. But not sure where to begin? That’s where GlobalSign’s Certified Regional Partner (CRP) program comes in. By becoming a GlobalSign CRP, companies get access to sell our range of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based certificate management and security solutions.

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One company that has very eagerly embraced this opportunity is Italy-based Sistematica. In fact, they have been such a strong team player, Sistematica recently achieved the Level 4 CRP status, the highest level possible. This is particularly exciting since Sistematica is one our first CRP’s to achieve this level in Italy. (We’d love to celebrate with them in person at a beautiful Italian restaurant overlooking a bella vista, but that will have to wait a little while…)

Getting to know GlobalSign

Sistematica first joined our CRP program back in January 2017. At that time, they were focused on creating their first enterprise sub accounts. By March, the company had completed Level 1 training on all GlobalSign products and solutions.

Just a year later, Sistematica progressed to a Level 2 CRP by becoming skilled in our customer validation offerings. A very nice bonus: As part of their contract, and with the company’s consistent effort, Sistematica became eligible for marketing support. To that end, GlobalSign issued a press release regarding their achievements thus far.

Following that, Sistematica continued to build its capabilities as a GlobalSign CRP and took the step of visiting our Maidstone office at the end of 2018 to undergo extensive support training as well as complete all the necessary assessments.

The final frontier: training amid a global pandemic

The pandemic hasn’t made the process easy, but Sistematica has risen to the occasion by taking part in Stage 4 training remotely, a first for the GlobalSign CRP program. For this round of training, Sistematica joined the GlobalSign Sales Engineering team daily for an entire week. Following completion of the training, Sistematica completed the technical assessments required to demonstrate complete understanding of the GlobalSign offerings. Now, the company has been awarded Level 4 status! Also, as a result of their new partner status Sistematica is now able to offer a much wider range of GlobalSign solutions.

By becoming a GlobalSign CRP, Sistematica’s business has expanded to include customers in the payment, telecom and insurance industries.

"The journey was exciting; Sistematica has been working for years in the field of SSL security, but as the demand follows the evolution of the systems, the proposed solutions must consequently evolve in the same direction,” said Alberto Moriconi. By completing the last part of the training, we were able to experience the latest technologies offered by GlobalSign, both in the field of certificate management automation and HV signature. The technologies are there and we are ready to exploit them together with the team of GlobalSign, the undisputed leader in digital certificate solutions."

GlobalSign’s Regional Partner Program Manager, James Whitton, has worked very closely with the company throughout their four-year journey.   

“Sistematica have shown a great determination and a clear business plan to expand both their PKI Solution based business and the GlobalSign reach throughout Italy. The customers they have acquired over the last few years all have complex requirements and are being serviced to a very high standard across all aspects of the business. From GlobalSign’s perspective, Sistematica are very much a model Certified Regional Partner with an unwavering focus on their customer needs. While at every stage of the program Sistematica operate more and more independently, the projects and customers they work with bring us together to solve real-world problems businesses are facing and we are confident that our partnership will go from strength to strength over the years to come.”

About our CRP program

With more than 20 companies in GlobalSign’s Certified Regional Partner (CRP) Program in 24 countries, GlobalSign is helping these partners grow their businesses by offering management and security solutions in their local regions by integrating our managed PKI solutions into their portfolio.

By becoming a GlobalSign CRP, you’ll have access to GlobalSign’s range of certificate management and security solutions including our managed platforms for SSL and PKI, as well as enhanced solutions through our technology alliances and integrations. This powerful combination allows CRPs to develop their business beyond a traditional reseller or VAR model and grow to become a true end-to-end solutions provider in their local market. Benefits include:

  • Generating new revenue streams by differentiating your current offerings
  • Harnessing the power of GlobalSign’s solutions, brand and industry expertise
  • Getting marketing support to help you close more deals, with higher customer satisfaction

To learn more about GlobalSign’s Certified Regional Partner program, visit Certified Regional Partners - Partner Program | GlobalSign.

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