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Are you Security Serious?

Are you Security Serious?

At GlobalSign we’re all about promoting security and making it as easy and accessible as possible for our customers. This is something that the founders of Security Serious Week also believe in and why they set up an amazing initiative, UK’s first Security Serious Week, 26th to 30th October 2015. The initiative is based on a simple principle: If providers impart their knowledge and wisdom, influencing businesses to implement best security practices, end users become more aware and everyone benefits. Read on to learn more!

Expert tips and advice – and it’s all free

Over fifty businesses have already joined the initiative with the common goal of increasing awareness, helping businesses to prevent and mitigate cybersecurity threats, as well as educating end consumers.

Initiatives include a week of educational and interactive webinars, a photo call in London, press articles, daily top tips and scary hacker tales, guaranteed to make people realise that being Security Serious is a necessity in today’s advancing interconnected world.

Through a joint industry effort, a full calendar of events and extensive social media coverage, the initiative promises a broad reach and a long lasting impact in making the Internet a safer place.

What’s on from GlobalSign?

As a leading provider of identity and security services, we’ve wanted to put the focus on actionable recommendations. We’re running two webinars in the course of the week to provide security professionals with practical tips to arm themselves against security threats:

Attend these webinars and go away with security measures you can easily and effectively implement today!

Should I get involved?

Absolutely! There are several things you can do:

  • Share the daily top tips with everyone you know: these are aimed at the general public - from end users who might only use the Internet for social media and personal email, to professionals who are responsible for devising enterprise security strategies.

  • Encourage your CIOs and CISOs to attend the free webinars: PKI, network vulnerabilities, breach response, DDoS protection, website security… we have a number of key topics covered.

  • Utilise the free resources to their full potential: why not run a few training courses or employee competitions around cybersecurity themes?

  • And last but not least: Like, retweet and share! Getting the word out is half the battle!

For more information, we encourage you to visit the Security Serious website at


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