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Reintroducing the IoT Partner Alliance Program

Reintroducing the IoT Partner Alliance Program

GlobalSign has long promoted and nurtured strong partnerships. Our IoT Solutions Group continues that tradition with its own IoT Partner Alliance Program. We believe that a healthy and secure IoT ecosystem is all about finding, maintaining, and growing business connections that work; to innovate, collaborate, and build something better than what can be accomplished alone to deliver greater customer value.

In short, we value our IoT partners – companies that align with our culture, business objectives, and technological trajectory. We collaborate with companies that push IoT innovation, accelerate time to market, and help us deliver fuller solutions to our mutual customers. Together, our partners help us accomplish more. 

That’s why we’re reintroducing our IoT Partner Program. It’s a celebration of our existing partnerships, and an invitation for new collaborators to join us in delivering outstanding solutions to our IoT customers. It’s a bit different from GlobalSign’s other Partner Programs in that it’s designed specifically to address the unique needs of our IoT network and industry.

Benefits of a GlobalSign IoT Partnership

GlobalSign helps our IoT partners:

  • Gain instant security and credibility. As a global leader in IoT security, our certificate services – built on a highly scalable, PKI-based IoT Identity Platform and integrated with standards-based, RESTful APIs – are backed by our established and trusted GlobalSign Certificate Authority. We're a secure, authoritative link in the IoT chain of trust that application developers, system integrators, device manufacturers, network, and gateway providers rely on to secure their IoT ecosystems.
  • Innovate their portfolio of products and services. Partnering with GlobalSign IoT is a learning process. We are active thought leaders in our industry and share our insights and advancements with our partners. We assist with products, integrations, and final production launches. We contribute insight on proof of concepts, all while relying on our proven, standards-based PKI interoperability. We enjoy active collaboration with our partners that spurs innovation, progress, and successful IoT application outcomes. 
  • Build competitive advantage. Partnering with GlobalSign IoT adds value to Partner solutions. We reduce integration costs and accelerate time to market. Our proven security expertise and resources extend in-house capabilities, and our holistic approach to certificate Device Identity Lifecycle Management reduces risk and ensures compliance. Our certificate services address security best practices in deploying, managing, and sun setting devices that ultimately improves customer and end user satisfaction.
  • Experience collaborative growth. Partnering with GlobalSign IoT is an active pursuit. We're engaged with our partners, their proof of concept, and the best GlobalSign IoT integration option to suit each use case.  We market our mutual successes with co-branded collateral to increase market awareness and acceptance of our joint projects.

Choose from Two Types of IoT Partnerships

We’ve found that our IoT partners fall into two main categories and have customized our approach for each. We offer an IoT Technology Alliance and an IoT Collective Alliance and partnership.  

IoT Technology Alliance Partnership

IoT technology companies at every level – from chip-to-cloud – find value in partnering with GlobalSign’s IoT Solutions Group. For instance, we work closely with semiconductor manufacturers looking to gain competitive advantage by including secure device identities on chips, which in turn secures their entire downstream supply chain. We also collaborate with IoT device manufacturers looking to secure their technology stacks and devices in order to meet regulatory compliance. After the chips, components, and devices leave the production floor, GlobalSign continues to partner with IoT device operators, networks, and gateway providers who are looking to ensure only authenticated devices enter their supply chain and networks. Even IoT systems integrators – delivering packaged IoT solutions with sensors or endpoints and working in fog or edge computing – join our program to discover, learn, and add a protective layer of IoT security. Cloud service providers, at the top of the chip-to-cloud IoT hierarchy, team up with GlobalSign’s IoT Partner Program to facilitate their customer’s device enrollment onto their service. 

Our IoT Technology Alliance Partnership tackles all these specific issues. IoT Technology Alliance partners working with GlobalSign are able to:

  • Innovate their integration models – by adding our PKI-based IoT Identity Platform, scaling security services as they grow, and participating in our IoT Developer Program
  • Reduce integration costs – by automating the development process, following a proven integration methodology and reducing setup, configuration, and maintenance costs
  • Accelerate time to market – by streamlining the integration process, deliver a fuller solution that includes IoT security as an integral part, and receive proof of concept guidance
  • Secure your IoT ecosystem – mitigate security risks by embedding a highly scalable, managed PKI-based IoT Identity Platform in your IoT chain of trust

IoT Collective Alliance Partnership

There are many active groups involved with IoT – industry consortia, standards organizations and IoT associations. They are collectives of a sort, groups of people and organizations coming together with the sole purpose of moving the IoT security agenda forward on a national or global scale. That could mean industry consortia looking to provide IoT security guidance to their memberships, or standards organizations looking to incorporate proven, security best practices into their guidelines. It could also mean alliances or associations interested in supporting the education, adoption, and everyday use of security-by-design and IoT security. 

Our IoT Collective Alliance Partnership directly addresses the needs of these types of groups. IoT Collective Alliance partners working with GlobalSign are able to:

  • Accelerate membership learning (facilitate training, share best practices, proven tools and technologies)
  • Establish IoT Security standards for industry specific verticals (meet market and compliance demands, tap into IoT security expertise of GlobalSign, integrate emerging technologies and guidelines)
  • Deliver valuable membership services (pre-vetted partners, reduce implementation costs, speed adoption and deployment)

The one consistent factor that spans all these different partner groups and interests is a desire for secure IoT ecosystems.  Secure IoT ecosystems that help industries, vertical markets, companies and end users safely interact with, and experience, all that a connected world can offer.  

If you’re a standards organization, a member of a consortia, or an IoT technology company interested in the same, please reach out to learn more about our IoT Partner Program

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