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IoT News Wrap-Up: August 2016

IoT News Wrap-Up: August 2016

Another month has passed and IoT has taken on new strides. To say this is a fast moving technology is definitely not giving it enough justice! 

This month we have some news on the first threats to IoT Thermostats, the makings of the first IoT Smart Ship and organizations who are yet again, under-prepared for IoT security needs. 

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Survey: Organizations Are Not Prepared for IoT Security

Survey: Organizations are not prepared for IoT security

Despite the growing number of IoT devices on corporate networks, an alarmingly low number of organizations (30%) say they are prepared for the security risks associated with IoT

Convenience and Functionality Shouldn't Be a Trade-Off for IoT Security

Convenience and functionality shouldn’t be a tradeoff for IoT security

The one surefire way to ensure security and privacy within the IoT? Do not connect to the internet. Some interesting comments here about the state of IoT security and the hack ability of everything

Companies and Universities Team up to Develop Smart Ships

Companies and universities team up to develop smart ships

We have some security issues to solve before self-driving cars are the norm, but the first steps to building autonomous ships are already being taken. British engine maker Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC is leading the Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications initiative involving other companies and universities. It foresees technologies long used to improve commercial airline operations migrating to ships.

Hackers Demonstrate First Ransomware for IoT Thermostats

Hackers demonstrate first ransomware for IoT thermostats

Earlier in the month at DEF CON, two researchers demonstrated the first proof-of-concept ransomware for smart thermostats; an attacker could set any temperature to try to melt or freeze the occupants until the ransom is paid. This first ransomware locked the temperate at 99 degrees until the owner paid a ransom to obtain a PIN which would unlock it.

Remember the Jeep Hack? It Could Have Been, and Still Could Be, Much Worse

Remember the Jeep hack? It could have been, and still could be, much worse

Most consumers are aware of the well-known Miller/Valasek Jeep hack chronicled by Wired Magazine, just recently the cybersecurity research duo was at it again, demonstrating at Black Hat the full consequences of a digital attack, had a security patch not been updated.

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