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3x3: How iLovePDF Solved 3 Pain Points with 3 Solutions to Add Value Times 3

3x3: How iLovePDF Solved 3 Pain Points with 3 Solutions to Add Value Times 3

iLovePDF, founded in 2010 in sunny Barcelona, has been going strong enabling its customers to merge, split, convert and edit PDFs for nearly a decade. However, customers were increasingly searching for ways to also protect and sign their documents.

Rather than asking their customers to work with tricky integrations or leaving the platform to sign their documents elsewhere, iLovePDF went looking for a way to allow users to upload, sign and certify PDF documents easily in just a few clicks. In turn customers would benefit from a fast, simple and secure document signing process.

A key criterion for iLovePDF was finding a partner that could easily adapt and grow with the company. The iLovePDF team needed to be sure that their partner could be ready to deliver services to millions of people each day without any downtime.

That’s where GlobalSign came in. 

The 3 Pain Points

  • A way to easily provision digital certificates for electronic signatures, electronic seals and timestamping
  • A cryptographic provider to manage their hardware security module (HSM) servers, enabling them to focus on their key strength: development
  • A reliable partner that can easily adapt to their growing needs and deliver services to millions of people each day, without any disruptions

The 3 Solutions

  • Digital certificates through a scalable and cloud-based Digital Signing Service
  • An easy-to-use and versatile API for incorporating digital certificates into their existing platforms 
  • A way to future-proof iLovePDF’s services, enabling other developments and integrations down the road 

3 Times the Value

  • Customers can now securely sign any PDF online, offline and via a mobile app, optimising their document management process and reducing paper waste 
  • iLovePDF has the ability to offer digital signatures from a trusted eIDAS provider enabling electronic signatures, electronic seals and timestamping that meet EU guidelines
  • By outsourcing their HSM to GlobalSign, the team at iLovePDF can save time, money and resources and stay focused on product development

After extensive research iLovePDF decided to partner with GlobalSign, benefiting from the ease and versatility of its API for the incorporation of digital certificates. The GlobalSign Digital Signing Service is a cloud deployment, extending certificate-based digital signing capabilities to customers. 

With GlobalSign’s digital certificates, iLovePDF has been able to provide its users with the ability to further protect and increase the legal validity of their documents within the service, all without having to resort to a complex integration. 

Users can digitally sign a document on the website and it couldn’t be any easier: within an account the user uploads a PDF, adds his/her name, initials and a signature and chooses to certify the document. 

The digital signature and timestamp are applied in the background in seconds, after which the user can download and share the legally binding, signed document.  With the help of GlobalSign’s digital certificates for electronic signatures and timestamps, customers now benefit from the availability of audit trails. 

“GlobalSign is a partner that is able to adapt and grow with our needs and requirements. That way we can deliver our service to millions of people each day without any downtime”, says Marco Grossi, Founder & Software Engineer at iLovePDF, hinting at future exciting projects in the pipeline. 

Would you like to know more about how GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service can be integrated into your existing document management workflows? More information is available on our website or sign up to speak directly to one of our product experts. 

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About ilovePDF
Since 2010, iLovePDF has been providing tools for editing and converting PDF files online, offline and through the mobile app. Due to popular demand, they recently launched a Sign PDF tool, which allows users to upload, sign and certify PDF documents in a few clicks. Users can sign their own PDF file or send a request for others to sign using a simple electronic signature or a digital Certified Digital Signature.

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