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PersonalSign Certificates

A PersonalSign Digital Certificate is a Digital ID issued to an entity (i.e. individual or a department) that helps to prove that entity’s identity. The Digital ID binds an individual’s verified identity (typically including the name, company name and email address of the Digital ID owner) to a unique cryptographic credential. PersonalSign Certificates identify, prove and contain different levels of information which are defined as classes.

Each class represents the level of identity verification - from simple email verification to full identity assurance. PersonalSign Certificates allow individuals and organizations to represent their digital identities through the use of digital signatures in many applications - from secure email to two factor authentication to document signing.

GlobalSign Digital Certificates

PersonalSign digital certificates provide convenient and secure certificate-based two-factor authentication for the protection of enterprise networks, data, and applications, including but not limited to:

Simple Certificate Management with Enterprise PKI

Digital Certificates used for two-factor authentication are easily deployed and managed using GlobalSign's cloud-based Enterprise PKI (EPKI) management platform.

EPKI provides low cost, easy management and auditing of both user and device identities, allowing granular control over who, or what, accesses your services, data, and digital assets. With enterprises
in mind, EPKI also provides extended features perfectly suited for large organizations operating a Windows environment by leveraging Active Directory for auto enrollment and silent installation.

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