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Automated solutions specially designed for the hosting industry

GlobalSign has been working with leading hosting companies worldwide for many years and has built a Partner Program specially tailored to their needs. Our dedicated Account Managers work closely with their partners to understand their business model and help them maximize the reselling opportunity.

The GlobalSign SSL and online security products are high margin and the perfect add-on to your hosting packages, domain name bundles or web services.

We also understand the challenges faced by hosting companies and have developed unique technologies to simplify SSL reselling. Our fully automated solutions eliminate your support overhead and by letting you host multiple SSL on one IP, we ensure SSL reselling remains a profit center.

Join the thousands of leading hosting companies worldwide that have already chosen the GlobalSign Partner Program for its high security, credibility and adaptability.


Program Benefits

As your security partner, we provide you with all the resources you need to resell security effectively and maximize your revenues.

Dedicated Account Manager
Instant discounts and flexible payment terms
PAYG, bulk packs & unlimited issuance programs
Web-based customer management portal
XML API Integration
Marketing assistance & Reseller tools

Available Products & Technologies

Digital Certificate solutions with high margin potentials and the technologies to implement them hassle-free.

SSL Certificates

Feature-rich SSL Certificates,
from Domain Validated
to Extended Validated.

Secure Email

S/MIME certificates to sign
and encrypt emails.


Host multiple SSL on one IP
with full compatibility.

Code Signing

Sign software and applications
distributed over the Internet.

Document Signing

Microsoft Office and PDF
document security.

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