Setting Default Validity Periods & Planning for Renewals

Default Validity Periods

GlobalSign recommends you try and default customers to buying Certificates with 2 or more year validity periods.  As well as the commercial benefits for your organization, the customer benefits from:

  • Reduction in the number of annual renewals, reducing the risk of forgetting to renew

  • Reduction in the man-hour costs of renewing annually

  • Multi-year pricing (assuming you offer this to customers)

Planning for Renewals

We all know that customer acquisition is far more expensive than customer retention.  A good renewal policy is therefore essential.  You can use your GCC account to send email renewal reminders starting at 90 days to customers (90, 45, 30, 21, 14, 7, 0, -7 and -14).  You may wish to send your own reminders for further flexibility.

Stay on top of renewals by exporting Renewal Reports from your GCC account.  However you reach out to your customers, whether by email, snail mail, telephone or text, be sure they are aware of the upcoming renewals and most importantly ensure they know how to renew.  If you are unsure how best to integrate a Renewal Process into your standard workflow contact your Account Manager for advice and resources.