Effective Marketing & Professional Sales Techniques

Now that you have learned about the GlobalSign SSL product range, the benefits working with GlobalSign provides and have integrated SSL into your website, it’s time to market and sell.

The practices, campaigns and creatives available here are real life resources that have proven to be successful by GlobalSign and other partners.  Keep checking back here as we are constantly loading this section with innovative and easy to deploy campaigns to keep your SSL sales building.

Lead Generation

1. Get new Customers - Market and Advertise Offline and Online

Use SSL to get traffic, convert by upselling SSL and other hosting products.

A lead generation strategy should be focused around getting prospects onto the first rung of your product portfolio ladder.  This means successful advertising and marketing of your SSL offerings and your business in general.  Keep delivering useful content to your prospects, keep making special offers, focus your web pages and sales team around closing.

Use the canned campaigns, banners and PPC adwords copy to start lead generation quickly.  Make sure you sell a value proposition, such as "the strongest SSL security at reasonable prices," or "quickly issued SSL from a brand trusted globally, and make sure you have a clear call to action.  If you consider promotions make sure the message is clear.  What is being offered?  A discount, extended validity periods, free SSL bundled with a particular hosting product are all basic promotional ideas that have been proven to work time after time.

2. Market to existing Customers – create new revenue from existing customers

Your current customer base should be the first place you start marketing to.  Your customers know you and trust the offerings you provide.  We recommend you follow the below process:

  • Inform your customers you now offer GlobalSign SSL Certificates

  • Make it clear that your relationship with GlobalSign delivers cost saving and security benefits

  • Provide a clear price / offer with a large, standout call to action (buy, sign up, more information, etc)

If you have customers using SSL from other providers you can transfer any time remaining into the newly issued GlobalSign SSL Certificate.  There is no reason for your customers to risk their Certificate expiring and should be urged to take advantage of whatever promotional offers you make available.

3. Repeat what works!

Turn your long-term lead generation techniques into a repeatable cycle.  Determine over time what works by monitoring the success of your campaigns and messaging.  Speak to your marketing contact about your achievements (and under-achievements) and tweak campaigns in conjunction with GlobalSign to maximize potential successes.