The following contains the current version of GlobalSign's Partner XML API documentation. The documentation assumes familiarity with SOAP and XML. Any technical questions or issues regarding the API may be sent to

SSL API Documentation v4.3.4
Standard SSL API for DomainSSL, OrganizationSSL, and ExtendedSSL. Now includes meta-tag & DNS verification methods.

MSSL API User Guide v2.0
The MSSL API allows access to GlobalSign's Managed SSL platform for immediate certificate issuance.

GlobalSign SSL API Addendum v1.1
This Addendum provide additional guidance for obtaining SHA-256 certificates and on the maximum validity period of certificates which apply across all of the SSL API specifications.

Client API Documentation v2.0
The client API supports ordering PersonalSign Pro client certificates and Code Signing Certificates on behalf of end subscribers via a PKCS#12 delivery method. A customer using the API will retrieve issued Certificates from the ORDER response and then use its own methods to install or communicate the Certificate to the end user.

EPKI API Documentation v2.6
The EPKI API allows customers to directly order client certificates including PersonalSign, PDF Signing, and AATL Signing Certificates for S/MIME, Authentication, and Document Signing.