Prewritten Product Copy and Content

Integrating SSL into your website can be quick and easy. Before marketing to existing and new customers, you need to ensure the products offered are positioned, priced and explained correctly.Working with our marketing team and online resources in the Partner Center will be essential if you wish to broaden your potential market and increase your conversion rates.

Pre-written Product Copy

A one-page Word document containing suggested copy for selling SSL on your web site. Documents contain short and long versions of product copy.

Includes English, French, German, Spanish & Dutch templates  

Download Word Document Copy Pack


Pre-written HTML Template Packs

HTML file (web page) example layout and incorporating the suggested copy promoting the GlobalSign SSL product range. Templates include body text, bullet points and generic graphics. Open page in your browser and the select View Source in your browser, or provide to your webmaster.

Includes English, French, German, Spanish & Dutch templates.

GlobalSign is currently in the process of updating these documents, please check back shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.