API Documentation for SSL

The following contains the current version of GlobalSign's Partner XML API documentation for SSL related products. The documentation assumes familiarity with SOAP and XML. Any technical questions or issues regarding the API may be sent to api@globalsign.com

SSL API Documentation v4.3.4
Standard SSL API for DomainSSL, OrganizationSSL, and ExtendedSSL. Now includes meta-tag & DNS verification methods.
Simple API (SAPI) Documentation v1.6
The GlobalSign Simple API (API) is an AJAX API that allows Partners to put the GlobalSign & AlphaSSL Certificate application process directly into your own web pages. This is especially useful for Partners who do not have the coding expertise to implement the full XML API, but wish to benefit from the automation that using the API can offer.

Voucher API User Guide v1.2.3
The Voucher Documentation outlines the API used to order vouchers which can then be used with OneClickSSL plugins (cPanel, Plesk, IIS, Apache) or with the raw OneClickSSL API to provision and install SSL certificates. 1.2.2 contains new test environment links and updated error codes.

OneClickSSL API User Guide v2.1.3
The OneClickSSL Documentation outlines the API used to redeem vouchers, issue test certificates and retrieve valid SSL certificates. 2.1.1 contains error code updates.

MSSL API User Guide v1.2
The MSSL API allows access to GlobalSign's Managed SSL platform for immediate certificate issuance.

CloudSSL API User Guide
Please contact your account manager for access to and more info about the CloudSSL API.

GlobalSign SSL API Addendum v1.1
This Addendum provide additional guidance for obtaining SHA-256 certificates and on the maximum validity period of certificates which apply across all of the SSL API specifications.

Important Notices for Billing Platform Users

WHMCS: Please ensure SOAP support is enabled on your PHP. Installation instructions can be found at http://www.php.net/manual/en/soap.installation.php