Digital Signatures for
Microsoft® Office

Add the virtual equivalent of wet
ink signatures to documents.

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Digitally Sign Microsoft Office Documents

Prove document origin, add approval signatures, and prevent tampering

GlobalSign's PersonalSign Digital Certificates allow you to digitally sign Microsoft Office documents. A digital signature is the virtual equivalent of a wet ink signature, carrying the signer’s identity and assuring the reader of the document’s integrity.

Digital Signatures are supported in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and VBA/Macros, allowing you to add trust and integrity to various corporate documents and communications.

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Why Digitally Sign?

Placing a digital signature on a document proves the information originated with the signer and that the document has not been altered, allowing secure electronic document workflows to replace tedious, paper-based processes.

Authenticity -the digital signature helps to verify and assure that the signer (such as the document author or the email sender) is who he or she claims to be
Integrity - the digital signature helps to assure that the content of the document or email has not been changed or tampered with since it was digitally signed
Non-repudiation - the digital signature helps to prove to all parties the origin of the signed content. On the contrary, "Repudiation" refers to the act of a signer's denying any association with the signed content.

Benefits of Digitally Signing Microsoft Office Documents

Enable secure electronic document workflows
Ensure document integrity and authorship
Save time and resources by replacing paper-based workflows
Meet compliance requirements associated with electronic workflows
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