Access your new Digital Signing Platform using SingPass!

Use SingPass to seamlessly and securely authenticate your signatory’s identity and create a digital signing workflow that pushes functionality and security even further.


singpass app

  • Identify and authenticate signatories through the widely trusted SingPass

  • Users can securely log in via SingPass using fingerprint or their 6-digit passcodes

  • Seamless workflow to sign ANY document and ensure non-repudiation

Push the functionality and security of your digital signatures further!

Identity authentication is crucial in digital processes. GlobalSign & SigniFlow have expanded their customer identity and verification solutions with a new integration that allows users to conveniently and securely verify their identity using Singpass to sign in to SigniFlow digital signing platform.

This integration provides a secure and tamper-proof way of signing documents anytime, anywhere! It has non-repudiation and timestamping features that essentially save you time and money while ensuring document validity.

Use the SingPass integration in three easy steps

Easy authentication

Use your fingerprint or 6-digit passcode.

Secure transaction

Log in securely without tokens or SMS OTPs.

On-the-go access

Transact on your phone, even when you're overseas

  • Scan the QR code on SigniFlow’s login page using SingPass Mobile’s QR code scanner
  • Confirm your login request.
  • Verify your identity using your fingerprint or 6-digit passcode, and you are in!
  • Tap (touch and release) on the QR code on SigniFlow's login page to launch the app
  • Confirm your login request.
  • Verify your identity using your fingerprint or 6-digit passcode, and you are in!

About SingPass

Launched in March 2003, Singapore Personal Access (or SingPass) allowed users to verify their identity and transact with over 60 government agencies online easily and securely. Managed by Singapore’s Government Technology Agency, the SingPass system is reviewed regularly, with ongoing security enhancements taking place to ensure that a highly secure SingPass service is delivered to users.

In line with Singapore’s National Digital Identity initiative, Globalsign and SigniFlow have integrated with SingPass to enable businesses to streamline their processes and authenticate signatories, creating an innovative, efficient signing workflow with trusted digital signatures and secure verification processes.


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