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External Identity and Access Management Made Easy

Presented by: GlobalSign

Deliver External Identity and Access Management Quickly and Cost-Effectively

GlobalSign invites you to learn how we are helping leading enterprises and service providers implement external identity relationship and access management (IRAM) solutions within set time-frames and budgets, while immediately realizing the benefits of increased revenue streams and reduced customer support costs.

By sharing real life case studies, we will demonstrate how IRAM solutions are deployed and used by external customers and partners, allowing different identity types, multiple repositories, flexible authentication methods, and access to e-services.

Additionally, we’ll show you just how quickly and cost-effectively you can deploy an IRAM solution that meets your requirements.

white-checkmark-icon.pngExternal IRAM Made Easy

  • Deployed in weeks, not months
  • On fixed project times and costs
  • With CRM integration for easy on-boarding
  • Including SSO and federation
  • On-Premise or cloud configuration options
  • With delegated administration enabled
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