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What is GMO Sign and how does it work?

GMO Sign is the only document signing software you need to keep all your online documents in check. No more manual document signing processes and the need for physical prints. Save up to 80% of your time spent on getting signatures and start using your precious time to work that matters.

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Reduced Cost with Online Contracts and Dual Signature Options

Reduces signing cost by providing dual signature options - e-signatures and AATL approved digital signatures

Digital Signatures Electronic Signatures
Electronic Certificate Required No Electronic Certificate Required
Counter-Party Needs Access to Obtain Electronic Certificate No Pre-Requisites Needed For Counter-Party
Timestamping For Tamper Prevention Timestamping For Tamper Prevention
Personnel identification by Certificate Authority Email authentication
Reduces Costs Reduces Costs
Improves Efficiency Improves Efficiency
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Compliant Electronic signatures

GMO Sign meets signature compliance standards, supporting nearly every type of signature - electronic signatures, Adobe AATL digital signatures, and eIDAS-compliant advanced electronic signatures – from a single user interface. Signatures in GMO Sign also have timestamping and long-term validation features to ensure you meet legal and regulatory standards.

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Sign your documents online

Say goodbye to physical tokens and the need to be on-site to sign your documents. Reduce the signing process time by up to 80% and sign anywhere and anytime with this cloud-based platform! GMO Sign is a complete document management system, not only allowing you to sign pdf documents but also to store your files and carry out your end-to-end document signing workflows.

one stop for all signature

One stop for all your signature needs

Need more secure signatures for more sensitive documents? GMO Sign can also support digital signatures. Being the longest-standing Certificate Authority means you can be sure GlobalSign’s digital certificates are publicly trusted and secure. Enjoy more cost savings as you only need one service provider for your Digital and Electronic signature needs!

When to use Electronic Signatures?

Documents that are informal or internal, have short term or low liability risks.

  • Internal documents
    • Bill of materials
    • Internal Quality test reports
    • Defect closure reports
    • Internal Compliance Documents
  • Application forms
  • Claim forms
  • Supplier offers or Quotations
  • Company Policy Documents

When to use Digital Signatures?

Documents that are critical, have long term and high liability risks.

  • Commercial agreements between corporate entities
    • NDAs
    • Procurement documents
    • Sales agreements
    • Invoices & Purchase orders
  • Audit reports or certificates
  • Consumer credit contracts
  • Entry passes from authorities
  • Employment contracts

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GMO Sign is an easy-to-use software for automated document signing processes, cloud-based document management with storage, online signature request system that is multi-signature (electronic, digital, signing seal) friendly.
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Electronic signatures, or E-signatures, refer to any signature that is applied electronically as opposed to on a physical piece of paper. Electronic signatures are used to confirm content within a document, however not all electronic signatures’ assurance levels are the same in the eyes of the law.

Digital Signatures are a form of electronic signatures – both are used for document signing – but there are a few important features that make them unique. They are, essentially, the digital equivalent of adding a notarized signature to your documents. In the case of digital signatures, a trusted third party, known as a Certificate Authority (CA), is responsible for verifying your identity.
When using GMO Sign to e-sign a document, the software features a guide that will help you set up your electronic signatures. You will need a digital version of your handwritten signature, an image you would like to use, or even a company seal/logo. You may also choose to type in your details as a Signature using our in-built signature maker.

Yes, you can! All you need to do is simply upload your documents and the software will guide you every step of the way.

For more FAQs, you can visit our support page for GMO Sign support page for GMO Sign

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