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Work with Ease, Cut the Costs: Digitizing the HR Department’s Document Signing Process

Work with Ease, Cut the Costs: Digitizing the HR Department’s Document Signing Process

How can HR officers eliminate laborious manual documentation and archiving problems? As you can probably guess, the answer is digitization. However, more often than not, these traditional documentation processes have been so ingrained in companies for so long that the hardest part is getting started. But once the systems and platforms are deployed, the rest is just a breeze.

So how can HR departments beat deadlines and make use of their resources more effectively? Using digital signing solutions for HR-related documents may be the answer.

No more wasted paper and office space

Documents that are not centralized are inconvenient in the long run. Keeping track of all the documents becomes increasingly difficult as more papers pile up. They take up a lot of office space and manual processing takes longer to finish. Resources that could have been used elsewhere are spent on these laborious processes and tasks. With automation and digital platforms readily available online, it is about time HR departments adjust to these changes.

HR departments looking into cutting costs will find that document signing platforms like GMO Sign help tremendously with most roadblocks HR departments come across. These platforms provide a paperless solution for signing documents and contracts, while saving costs on printing, filing, and buying paper.

In these uncertain times, HR departments who are facing logistical challenges when signing documents in person will find digital signing platforms valuable. For example, cloud-based document signing solutions allow users to sign anytime, anywhere. The recipient can sign the documents legally without the need to be physically present. Not only is this more convenient for both ends, but turnaround times are a lot faster when signing documents digitally.

Security guaranteed

Digitizing your HR workflow not only saves resources but also enables secure signing and workflow. HR departments are not only responsible for ensuring all documents are streamlined, but that they are deployed securely. We recommend that HR departments consider cloud-based document signing workflows for their signing solution needs. Documents signed using GMO Sign and DSS are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone else but the intended recipient. This ensures the confidentiality of the documents which are signed via the platform.

No more archiving woes

There are plenty of documents that come and go inside an HR Department’s office. When an employee needs a document, the HR Department would be the first place they go to. Since HR Officers are required to manage documents day in and day out, some paper documents get piled up and take a long time to file and keep track of. Since there are a lot of documentations needed for work and personal matters, HR Departments get overwhelmed with the amount of routing slips, paper documents, and files that they process.

With document signing solutions like GMO Sign, spending the entire day looking for a (potentially lost) document will be a thing of the past. A good signing solution offers a built-in advanced searching feature and allows users to organize and sort documents in a filing system. Forget about rummaging through a pile of archived paperwork. With signing solutions like GMO Sign, finding what you need is as simple as a click of a button. GMO Sign makes HR paperwork work.

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