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Why You Should Sign Up For a Digital Signing Service Right Now

Why You Should Sign Up For a Digital Signing Service Right Now

Looking for an initiative to save resources and increase efficiency in your office by digitizing your corporate workflow? You might be interested to sign up for a digital signing service today. In case you’re not familiar, Digital Signing Certificates allow you to digitally sign documents with the legal power of a handwritten signature in just a few clicks. Throw these certificates up to the clouds, and you’ll get GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service. Here are more reasons why you should get on one for your office.

The Convenience of Cloud Technology

Relying on the cloud lowers administrative costs, allows for more mobility to manage multiple certificates, and provides greater compatibility across platforms and endpoints. Think of it as a convenient toolbox complete with a trusted timestamping service, key management, hash signing, and revocation check for all your signing needs. The best part is that you can easily integrate all of these via API or SDK with little to no cryptographic expertise needed. It doesn’t matter how big your company is or how many employees need digital signing for their workflow. Our digital signing service can accommodate individual or department-level identities, all stored conveniently in the cloud.

The Hassle of On-Premise Hardware

The clear advantage of cloud-based digital signing services is the freedom from maintaining hardware security modules (HSM) that will store the digital certificates. Just thinking about the amount of money you’ll spend on HSMs will make your head spin. Aside from the hardware itself, you have to pay for additional professional support which costs up to 25% of the original price of HSMs. And even after spending all the money on hardware, they will eventually become outdated. You’ll have to repeat the process all over again, this time with newer and more expensive hardware. It’s so much easier to just let a trusted third-party CA manage your certificates for you.

The Reliable Online Workflow Solution

The certificates stored in our Digital Signing Services received public trust from a renowned certificate authority with Adobe Approved Trust List and Microsoft Root Trust. This ensures that the signatures you use is automatically trusted when used in Microsoft and Adobe products and meets compliance and legal requirements. Plus, they are highly accessible in high alert situations and disaster recovery since the certificates will be delivered via GlobalSign’s WebTrust-audited infrastructure with data centers all around the globe. The cloud network is further protected by world-class instrumentation, and we highly doubt that you can afford that for your on-premise HSMs.

The Future of Innovation is The Cloud

An ever-growing company always has to invest on future innovations and long-term solutions.  Signing up for GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service is a great example of such innovation. GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service brings all the flexibility of any cloud services available today. Think of how minimal the maintenance is, how flexible it can get, how compatible it is to all platforms, and how it has the same reliability as on-premise HSMs, only faster and more scalable. You can easily integrate our digital signing service to your current setup and that’s pretty much it. Imagine having this kind of convenience in signing important documents for years to come.

GlobalSign can help you get started with your Digital Signing Service. To learn more about digital signatures, check out our official website. You can also sign up for our free eBook on digital signatures. 

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