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What’s New for Small Businesses from Adobe

What’s New for Small Businesses from Adobe

Adobe made transitioning to digital signing for small businesses easier! Adobe launched Adobe Sign for small business that meets the modern-day demands of smaller enterprises. Based on its recent survey, 75% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) still rely on a pen-to-paper process to sign documents, and 42%  admitted that pen and paper document signing slows down their transaction time. The new software is integrated into Adobe Scan and Acrobat Reader desktop app to help in efficient digital document signing workflow.

What’s New with Adobe Document Cloud?

Adobe Sign for small business allows Acrobat Reader users to send two documents for e-signature per month for free. This feature allows small businesses to test the waters to see how they can integrate Adobe Sign in their workflow. Then, they can upgrade to a paid version to send out more documents for signing.

Lisa Croft, Group Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, said, “Previously, when businesses provided customers with a PDF online, the customer needed to print, sign, scan, and email the form back. Now businesses can take any existing PDF form and automatically convert it to an online web form, giving customers a modern, completely digital interaction with a business' brand.” It’s a great way to avoid customers from quitting the process of signing. Also, small businesses don’t have to play the waiting game anymore when closing a deal.  

Integration with Braintree

Adobe Sign also partnered with Braintree, a payment service under Paypal – the leader in online and mobile payment market—allowing small businesses to collect customers’ payment right on the spot to cut the transaction time. As mentioned by Croft, integrating Braintree’s services will “prevent prospects from turning away from the transaction when they need to go to a payment form.” Small businesses can build their customer retention rate with this feature. When paying, you must put yourself into the shoes of your customers. Would you want to go through different pages and lose interest? Paying should be easy and straightforward.

Why is Digital Signing Important for SMBs?

If you’re thinking that turning your documents into a PDF file is enough, you may want to hear this out. It’s very easy to duplicate unprotected documents without cryptographic features such as timestamps and digital signatures. Cyber delinquents can easily replicate documents using photo editing tools. Digital documents with a digital signature carry timestamps and tamper-evident seals. It ensures document integrity and authorship to protect intellectual property.

As “Wealth for All” author Idowu Koyenikan said, “If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result.” Millions of businesses believe in Adobe’s ability to digitally innovate their company workflow as it continues to provide the best business process solutions to boost productivity which is a primary factor in determining a company’s success.

GlobalSign offers Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) certificate that allows users to sign and timestamp documents digitally. It can be used by individual users, SMBs, and large enterprises. You may visit our official website for more details.

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