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What’s in Store for GlobalSign in 2018

What’s in Store for GlobalSign in 2018

It’s the start of a brand new year! While everyone’s busy keeping their New Year’s resolution intact, GlobalSign is moving forward with the innovations they started last year. In an industry where things can go sideways in an instant, what can everyone expect from GlobalSign this year?

Leaving Everything Up to the Cloud

GlobalSign continues to improve its cloud-based services in preparation for the impending advancement of the Internet of Things. GlobalSign’s Auto Enrollment Gateway platform utilizes the cloud-based Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure to increase IT efficiency and lower cost through automation of certificate lifestyle management in mixed enterprise environments. Due to the increasing number and variety of endpoints within an enterprise, our cloud-enabled AEG makes sure these endpoints are taken care of by creating a fully automated PKI solution that can accommodate every endpoint and still centralize all certificate activity across an enterprise in a virtually transparent manner. Coupled with its feature to easily integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, our AEG platform provides an ideal platform for the certificate needs of an enterprise.

We also have our state-of-the-art Digital Signing Service. Like the previous offerings, our Digital Signing Service is cloud-based and highly scalable, allowing it to integrate with commercial and custom document workflow solutions with the greatest of ease. And since its cloud-based, customers don’t need to setup additional on premise or hosted security hardware for it to work. Companies can easily sign their documents with digital signatures with AATL and Microsoft Root trust. GlobalSign recently partnered with loan software provider DocuFirst in an effort to bring convenience to their clients by bringing the signing process online.

Improving the IoT Ecosystem

GlobalSign also made significant improvements to bring a more secure IoT experience. We have cultivated partnerships with leading semiconductor and security companies to collaborate on ongoing projects in the industrial IoT space. We’re proud to be one of the pioneers in creating an expanding IoT ecosystem as we inch closer to an interconnected world. Our certificate issuance platform for Industrial IoT also outdid itself, as it can now issue over 3,000 certificates per second, setting a standard to other competing CAs. For 2018, expect better performances in the IoT industry as we continue improving our technology to serve more IoT ecosystems worldwide.

We partnered with Wi-SUN Alliance, a non-profit, member-based association with the sole purpose of driving the global proliferation of the Internet of Things. They specialize in developing interoperable wireless solutions for specific IoT applications. As part of their commitment to make security a central aspect of its IoT network strategy, Wi-SUN Alliance chose GlobalSign as their exclusive third-party supplier of digital certificates. With this huge partnership, smart cities around the world will experience first-hand how reliable and trustworthy GlobalSign can be in securing IoT systems.

If It Ain’t Broke, Make it Better

Despite all the innovations in IoT and Cloud services, GlobalSign is still a Certificate Authority at heart. For this year, there’s nothing to expect but the unprecedented experience of GlobalSign in providing world-class SSL Certificates. As of today, we deliver our signature SSL security to over 250,000 domains around the world. Just last year, we acquired another important partnership with the Ecommerce Foundation, the provider of the prominent Safe.Shop Trust Mark. By collaborating with the world’s leading instigator of consumer trust, GlobalSign allows online retailers to assure consumers of their reliability on a global scale. If there’s a better indicator that GlobalSign’s headed to the right path for 2018, this move was a meaningful first step.

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