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Totally Logical Reasons to Go Paperless in 2019

Totally Logical Reasons to Go Paperless in 2019

Last week, we tackled the various ways companies can help the green initiative by going paperless. We believe we made a pretty good case for you to consider. But this week, we’ll dive down to the nitty-gritty and explore all the logical reasons adopting GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Services should be the next priority of every company in the APAC region.

Have a More Organized Workspace

Are your employees drowning in papers and folders right in front of their desks? Your workplace will function a lot better if the office is clutter-free. Get rid of it by going paperless. Start digitizing your files so you can store it on computers where your documents can have a longer shelf life. Plus, you can now sign documents digitally now, so there’s really no need to print them out. Just click and sign! Say goodbye to paperweights and large binders cluttering every desk in your office.

Protect Company and Client Data Better

Do you still lock documents up with padlocks? Wouldn’t it be cool if your document security involved convoluted passwords to make it more secure? You could do that once all your files are digitized. Not only can you better protect your trade secrets, you’ll provide better security for your clients’ personal data as well. Digital documents are a lot easier to protect, thanks to technologies like multi-factor authentication and biometrics. It’s a lot safer than just keeping cabinets locked.

Speed Up The Process in All Departments

Another benefit of going paperless is the convenience it brings to any type of paper-based processes. Imagine just waiting for a few seconds for contracts to be submitted or permits to be issued instead of waiting for unreliable couriers. Imagine signing a pile of documents after a few clicks instead of suffering cramps from signing them manually. An entirely digital workflow will increase productivity and will allow your office to provide a better service for your clients.

Save on Time and Office Resources

How much time and money do you spend organizing office documents, piling them up, or storing them on large file cabinets? How much do you spend printing these documents and shredding them after? How much do you spend signing those documents, sending the physical copy, and waiting for the other parties to sign the documents as well? Compare all that time and resources to just signing the document digitally and sending the document via email. Digital Signing Service is so worth it. 

Prevent Document Forgery and Tampering

This is perhaps the best reason to go paperless this year. Document forgery is still a profitable crime here in the APAC region, with authorities taking down forgery syndicates as recent as 2017. There are a million ways to forge a physical document it’s almost impractical. By going digital, you can sign and authenticate your documents using Digital Signing Certificates, giving them a bunch of security features to prevent forgery and tampering. And thanks to GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service, this entire process can be achieved in just a few clicks.      

GlobalSign can help you get started with your Digital Signing Service. Learn more about this innovative service here. To learn more about digital signatures, check out our official website. You can also sign up for our free eBook on digital signatures.

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